Get Washington Out Of South Dakota

I’m running to give South Dakotans a voice that would have been silenced without my candidacy Without me, my Republican Opponent would run completely unopposed in the General Election after the Democrat dropped out of the race and the Independent failed to collect enough signatures.

More than that, I don’t just want to be the anti-Republican vote. I want to be a candidate that even Republicans can vote for – with my small government and anti-federalist attitude, I believe I am. There is no stronger advocate for cutting Federal Spending, being fiscally responsible, standing up for property and gun rights than I am.

I’m also a candidate that Democrats can vote for, I’m socially liberal believing that the Government ought not interfere between a patient and their doctor on any choices about gender, pregnancy, or taking experimental medicine for terminal illness. I believe that the Government shouldn’t stop any consenting aduls from getting married octafx minimum deposit in india. I believe in ending the failed War.

I’m a strong Libertarian most of all believing in the Non-Agression Principle, from which all my political beliefs stem. Individual Liberty and Freedom from an Overbearing Federal Government are my most important virtues.

A Person, Not A Politician

Collin Duprel was born on July 17, 1992, in Rapid City, South Dakota. He grew up, the fifth generation on his family cattle ranch just over the hill from where his Great Great Grandfather André homesteaded when he arrived from Luxembourg more than 100 years ago. He has two children, a one-year-old son by blood, Wylder, and a ten-year-old son by choice, Landon, and has been in a long term relationship with their mother, Kelsey.

Collin attended school K-12 in Sturgis. He grew up playing a multitude of sports including basketball in his younger years, then football, wrestling and rodeo as he got older. In rodeo, he rode bareback and saddle bronc bucking horses. He spent a year working alongside the BLM to protect Native American cultural sites. He went to college in Dickinson, North Dakota, with Political Science and Economics pathways, and worked as a lifeguard in Dickinson to help pay for his books.

Collin’s hobbies when he isnt working include hunting, fishing, camping, billiards, riding his Harley Davidson Motorcycles, NFL Football and sci-fi television shows. If you ask him, his current favorite hobby is reading various farm animal books to his one-year-old son.

On the Issues

  • Stand up for Freedom Of Speech
  • Stand up for Bodily Autonomy
  • Stand up for Gun Rights
  • Stand up for Equal Rights
  • Stand up for the 4th Amendment
  • Stand up for American Agriculture
  • Fight for Lower Taxation
  • Fight against Endless Foreign War
  • Fight against Homelessness
  • Fight against Government Overspending
  • Protect the American Dollar
  • Protect the Constitution
  • Always Do What’s Best For South Dakota

Collin’s Health Freedom Act would prohibit government from passing legislation that takes away bodily autonomy. Decisions about vaccinations, pregnancy, and gender would not involve the Federal Government; leaving those decisions up to patients and their doctors.

Collin Duprel believes that land is best managed by the local people who live there and not Washington, D.C., Bureaucrats. His Land Relocalization Act would take ALL non essential federal government properties, including national parks and forests and give the states they inhabit the option to take over ownership of them and manage them as they see fit. The Land Relocalization Act would reform the Bureau of Indian Affairs to give each individual reservation’s government administrative authority over the facilities with a 2-year transitional period. Indian reservations would also gain more sovereign authority over their lands, and have the right to enforce their borders as they see fit. The Land Relocalization Act would also federally ban eminent domain and involuntary annexation by any level of government.

No federal income tax for any single taxpayer making $25,000 or family making $50,000 or less, or any taxpayer or family making less than state-calculated poverty level wages. Elimination of estate (inheritance/death) taxes. elimination on capital gains taxes. Elimination of sales tax on meat, dairy and produce. Elimination of the sales tax on firearms. No federal income taxes on minors under 18. No federal income taxes on active-duty military personnel.

Collin believes that Americans who have served their full sentence in prison have paid their debt to society, and as long as they are released and not on parole or probation, they shall be able to hunt and fish, vote and own firearms again after two years of no re-offense.

Collin promises to fight to have the alcohol and tobacco age lowered nationally to 18 OR the age requirements to enlist in the military, be charged as an for crimes, get marriage certificates, and consent to age raised to 21.

You are either an or you are not. It is immoral to allow Americans to go to War or be imprisoned for life for crimes, but say they are too irresponsible to smoke cigarettes or drink beer.

ALL FOREIGN Meat and Produce sold in the United States or it’s territories must have it’s birth or growth point labeled on the package. Current MCOOL policies allow foreign goods to be shipped to the United States and repackaged and labeled Product of The USA. Consumers deserve to know where their goods come from. Mandatory Country Of Origin Labeling is good for America.

The United States effective immediately should discontinue all financial foreign aid until the country is no longer in federal debt. The United States should also cease military operations in countries we do not have a mutual defense pact with, and should not use military intervention in the future unless one of our allies sovereignty is directly threatened, or our own national security is at risk.

Cannabis would be decriminalized for legal on a federal level.

Legal immigration needs to be easier. An “Ellis Island” style of immigration making legal immigration for non-criminal background foreigners and easier and streamlined process – with a probationary period for immigrants who, if they commit too many minor crimes, will be deported without a chance of becoming a citizen in the future. Major crimes result in jail and then deportation.

Congress regularly borrows from Social Security funds to fund new government spending. Collin would work to make borrowing from public funds like Social Security and Medicare illegal. He would also vote to allow people to “opt out” of paying into Social Security and Medicare on their taxes, with the option to opt back in conditional by paying in what they would have owed with interest during opt out time upon reentry.

Altering the pay of federal politicians to the average salary of their constituents. A Congressional Representative from South Dakota would make approximately $60,000/year (average South Dakotan Salary) with a federal living expense per diem for work. The President would make approximately $51,000/year with federal living expense per diem for work. This guarantees a commitment of representative politicians to remember the current financial environment of the people they represent. Also require all federally elected politicians AND their spouses to disclose ANY stock market trades or investments as they happen. Any trade not disclosed to the public will forfeit any earnings made from the trade to the disclosure x 2 will be fined and paid to the national debt.

An end to the Federal Death Penalty. The cost and tax payer burden to carry out the death penalty in the face of often 20+ years of appeals and special incarceration housing is greater than life in prison without parole. Additionally- the Federal Government should not decide who lives and who dies. It is fiscally more conservative to end the Federal Death Penalty.

Reckless and Irresponsible Government Spending needs to end. Collin’s Economic Prosperity Act would cut through funding of every Government Agency by 15% in the next 5 years to “trim the fat”. It would also completely eliminate the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms as legal substance abuse can be policed by a existing agency. It would also eliminate the Federal Departments of Education, Interior, and Housing and Urban Development by returning those responsibilities to the States who understand the specific needs of the like who live there. It would also Audit the Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service and make the results of those audits available to the public. This would also require all Federal Elected Politicians to stay in Washington DC to work during Federal “Shutdowns” during budget crisis until the matter was resolved.

United States House Representatives would be limited to three, two-year terms, which do not have to be consecutive. United States Senators would be limited to two, six-year terms, which do not have to be consecutive.

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